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East Texas Grown and Crafted Skincare

a soil to bottle kind of luxury

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2023 Harvest Offering is Now Here

Every year we work hard to grow skin loving plants and botanicals and then craft something magical for you at the end of the season. This year is special. This is the first year our harvest comes from our new farm, where our plants grow in rich, previously untouched East Texas soil. We are honored to present this to you. Please enjoy our harvest.


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Bohemian Shepherdess Mission

Quality is in every detail. Every step of making our products has been thought through a million times over. We plant, we grow, we harvest, we infuse, we distill, we craft - all to produce the most incredible products to nourish your skin.

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Small farmed skincare

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Hand Picked Skincare


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Sustainable clean skincare with recyclable packaging

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