Holy basil is a wonderful plant to use when we are feeling worn down. It’s amazing as a tea, but it’s also amazing as a hydrosol! It’s cooling, calming, and refreshing! Supposedly it’s great to use when our confidence is lacking. Being an adaptogen, it helps our body deal with stress. In your skincare routine it can serve as a toner or aftershave. Use it to freshen up, even if you are wearing makeup. Its antibacterial properties work wonders on blemishes. I’ve discovered that it is the perfect match for our dandelion oil. Simply spray a bit on the palm of your hand with one or two pumps of dandelion oil. The hydrosol speeds absorption and leaves you feeling nurtured. I've also had customers report back to be that is does wonders to restore the skin along the bikini line when used in combination with the calendula and neroli facial cream concentrate. 


By using fresh plant material we are able to capture all of the volatile oils, as well as the cellular water from the living plant. It is said that the cellular water contains an abundance of nutritious fatty acids and minerals. A tiny amount of the essential oil will be retained throughout the distillation process. 



2 oz recyclable glass bottle


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Holy Basil Hydrosol

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