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  • Can I visit or volunteer at your farm?
    Due to the nature of our business and schedules our farm is not open to the public. We appreciate your interest!
  • Do you sell bulk herbs?
    Because we use such high concentrations of herbs and botanicals in our products and small farm all that we use, we do not produce enough to be able to sell bulk herbs.
  • Is your farm certified organic?
    While we are not certified organic we do not use herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic chemicals of any kind. We go above and beyond organic standards. Additionally, we are farming on land that has never been previously farmed on.
  • Do you practice ethical animal care?
    Our goats and dogs are like our family. Each animal is given individual attention and care so that they can stay at their full potential and health. We work with each animal on a daily basis and each and every one of them has a name and a unique personality that we know so well. We are proud to say that our standards exceed animal welfare protocols and our brand is 100% cruelty-free.
  • How long does it take you to ship?
    We ship between 2-3 business days after your purchase.
  • How many acres do you have?
    15 acres of beautiful East Texas land!
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