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This nutrient dense body oil deeply hydrates the skin and leaves it soothed and supple. It is naturally scented from its high concentration of our small farmed calendula. Formulated to absorb effortlessly when applied to slight damp skin. Use as a dry body oil, cleansing oil, or remedy oil on irritated or itchy skin. Works amazing as a hair oil.



This luxurious body oil boasts an expansive list of incredibly powerful oils that, when paired with our small farmed calendula, provide a rich array of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, phytonutrients, carotenoids, cholesterol, chlorophyll resins….the list goes on. These nutrients are why this oil is deeply nourishing and hydrating, providing fine line smoothing, deep moisturization, and protection to your skin. Applying to damp skin helps open up your pores and get these nutrients into deeper layers of your skin providing a deeper and longer lasting hydration.

Calendula Barrier Protecting Body + Everything Oil

$48.00 Regular Price
$38.40Sale Price

    organic olive oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic coconut oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, organic jojoba oil, small farmed calendula.


    Comes in a 4 oz recyclable glass bottle.


    AS A BODY OIL: Apply to slightly wet skin for faster absorption. Ideal time to apply if after showering. 

    AS A CLEANSING OIL: Massage oil into your face, taking time to work it into your pores. Allow the oil to soak in for a few minutes. Next, cover your face with a warm washcloth that has been run under or soaked in very warm water. Keep on face until the washcloth cools. Proceed with your water based cleanser. Our goat milk soap is an exceptional choice. 

    AS AN AFTER SHAVE OIL:  Apply to slightly wet legs after shaving.  

    AS A HAIR OIL:  Apply a small amount to dry/stressed hair either before or after showering. When applying before showering, the steam of the shower will open the hair follicles and allow the oil to be absorbed. After a few minutes, wash your hair as normal. When applying after showering, apply into damp hair and let sit to soak in and moisturize. Additionally you can use as a styling oil. Simply massage a small amount into dry hair, starting at the mid length of your hair and going down to the tips.


    • Can be used as a luxurious hair oil 
    • Great as a cleansing oil for the face 

    • A soothing after shave oil

    • Great on itchy, irritated skin especially when paired with holy basil hydrosol

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