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Mindy and Hailey Myers, the mother-daughter team behind the bohemian shepherdess

It starts with a farm, an herbalist, a biochemist and a shared passion for deeply nourishing, slow skincare. Mindy started this company in 2015, already an experienced farmer and herbalist, with a drive to create plant powered skincare from the herbs and botanicals she worked hard to produce. After receiving her Bachelor's Degree in biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, Hailey joined Mindy and was able to use her science and laboratory experience to further perfect products and techniques. Now they work together, farming, formulating, and making to bring you skincare of the highest quality.

the small farmed fields of the bohemian shepherdess farm

The Bohemian Shepherdess Way

Made from Nature

Our products get their start in the rich, dark soil of our East Texas farm, almost a year before they reach our customers' hands. Small scale farming focuses on quality, not quantity. We meticulously care for each and every one of the herbs and botanicals in our fields which in turn produces plants of the highest quality that are bursting with nutrients and goodness. 

Tested by Science

With Hailey's laboratory experience and knowledge of chemistry, we have been able to perfect our practices for every step of a product's life. From the choice of botanicals we grow and use, to the careful way we grow them, to the way we extract the nutrients we have worked so hard to cultivate, every step has been scientifically analyzed so that we may maximize the potency of our plants and the effectiveness of our products.

Proven by People

What makes our business so unique is that not only did we get our start at the farmers market, but we purposefully put ourselves there for many years so that we could be directly connected to our customers. In this way we were able to get direct feedback about what your skin needed. Due to this, our skincare line is deeply rooted in you! 

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