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A concentrated wildflower powered serum that supports our skin in some pretty incredible ways. Working directly with our customers for so many years has allowed us to gather some amazing feedback from this unconventional, deeply rooted in herbalism serum. 

Our customers report: 

✨Dandelion OIl smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, especially by the eyes.

✨Dandelion Oil plumps the skin.

✨Dandelion Oil is good for brightening your complexion. 

✨Customers feel that their skin is so much more radiant.



Dandelion flower is a nutrient dense, powerful flower whose full abilities are still being studied. What we currently know (and what we have experienced through this oil) is pretty astounding. 

This botanical is full of potent antioxidants including beta carotene and polyphenols. Both of these antioxidants are beneficial at protecting against UV rays and can help to repair and rejuvenate the skin, especially from free radical damage. 

They also contains the vitamin “trifecta” that is vitamins A,C, and E. These beautiful vitamins are responsible for some of the effects of this oil that our customers like the most, such as powerful fine line smoothing, especially around the eyes, as well as the fading of dark spots on the skin from sun damage. 

We extract high concentrations of this beautiful botanical in grape seed and sweet almond oil. These oils also have been shown to lighten dark circles on the skin, moisturize, tighten and prevent and reverse sun damage. Grape seed oil has even been known to fade scars and sweet almond oil to reduce stretch marks.

Dandelion Oil

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    organic grape seed oil, organic sweet almond oil, wildcrafted dandelion flowers, small farmed calendula, organic dandelion root.


    Comes in a 2 oz recyclable glass bottle.


    AS A FACIAL OIL: Start with a small amount of oil and add more as your skin needs. Rub oil into your skin. Skin that has been dampened with hydrosol is preferred for maximum absorption.  

    AS A MASK: Mix six drops with a teaspoon of honey, then apply to your face in a soft circular motion. Wait 10 minutes before rinsing with a gentle cleanser. This method also works well on scars and stretch marks. 

    AS A HAIR OIL: Apply one or two pumps and gently massage into hair. Can be applied to both roots and tips. We recommend applying to your roots once a week. You can apply to your tips 2-3 times a week. Can be applied both prior to shower and rinsed out or on dry tips to style. 

    AS A BREAST OIL: Rub a pump or two of oil into your breasts. Rub in a circular pattern up towards the face. Work the circles up until above your breast.  Rub until the oil is absorbed. For a more detailed visual, refer to body brushing techniques, specifically the information on breast tissue. 

    ON SKIN IRRITATIONS: Can be applied to rashes, wounds, itchy skin, and chapped skin to soothe and promote faster healing. 

    ON SUNBURNS:  Apply liberally to sun scorched skin and watch it do its magic! Works best when paired with our facial cream. 

    UNDER EYES: Before bed, gently massage a drop under the eyes to lighten dark circles. 

    AS A SCRUB:  Mix with a little fine sugar for a gentle facial scrub that will help all skin types, especially acne prone.  Leave on for 3 minutes before gently washing off. Do this once a week for radiant skin! 

    ON NAILS: Apply one drop on thin and brittle nails. Massage into your cuticle and work into the skin.


    • Wonderful for winter months when paired with our shea and mango moisturizer
    • Wonderful as a highly luxurious hair oil

    • Amazing as an under eye oil, evening color and softening fine lines

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