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Palo santo is both calming and grounding. This bar will give you so much comfort and will elevate your bathtime ritual with its luxurious, rich scent. A touch of ground apricot seeds have been added for a slight, very lovely texture. 


A multitasking, extra creamy, moisturizing hand and body bar. This lactic acid rich bar is extra gentle and will leave your skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and hydrated. Artisan crafted with goat milk from our east Texas farm.



The staple of all of our soaps is our moisturizing, mineral rich goat’s milk from our own herd of dairy goats that happily graze the wooded acres of our east Texas farm. Goat milk acts as a gentle cleanser and helps to maintain the skins’ microbiome. Lactic acid gently removes dead skin cells for a brighter more healthy complexion and has been shown to prevent acne. Its fatty acids, cholesterol, and vitamin A content provides hydration, reduces fine lines, and helps to soothe skin irritations.

We use shea butter in our soap which makes them extra creamy and provides further hydration and anti-inflammation properties. It also contains essential fatty acids that are necessary for collagen production. Shea butter can also balance your pH and regulate your skin health. 

Another key ingredient in our soaps is grass-fed Texas tallow. Tallow is high in fatty acids and natural, fat soluble vitamins A and E. The fatty acids provide anti-inflammation and help to support healthy barrier function in our skin. Tallow also contains fat-soluble vitamin D and K which help to protect against free radicals and even skin tone, and it even contributes to skin cell development and repair.

Palo Santo Goat Milk Soap


    goat milk from our herd, saponified oils including: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, and organic castor bean oil, local grass fed tallow, organic shea butter palo santo oil, finely ground apricot seeds.


    4.5 oz

    (each bar is unique and will vary slightly in size, weight, and color)

  • ART

    A Texas artist and a Texas farmer collaboration. 


    Cover art is a copy of:

    Paige Davidson

    Gainesville, Texas

    from the Sacred Valley Collection

    watercolor on paper

    created with Peruvian pigment ink she brought back with her from her travels in Peru

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