Texas Heirloom Cleansing Grains + Mask
  • Texas Heirloom Cleansing Grains + Mask


    A nourishing, lightly exfoliating facial mask that is extremely gentle and can also be used as a facial soap alternative. 


    This purposeful formula contains the highest quality water washed kaolin clay and rhassoul clay from Morocco.  I've also included oatmeal from North Texas Grapevine Grains as well as calendula, chamomile, and amaranth which are grown on our farm. I make this formula in very small batches because I want my customers to reap the benefits of the freshly ground ingredients that I've chosen.  Texas Heirloom Cleansing Grains will make your skin feel like a million bucks! 


    This is a BIG jar! Roughly 75 facial cleansing servings.


    12 oz reusable glass jar or try our half ounce sampler.



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