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For your hands. A unique, refreshing like a sunshiny spring day bar created to scrub away grime while also creating a creamy soft lather. This deliciously luxurious bar is long lasting. 

Warning! You may find yourself washing your hands excessively, just because it feels so good!



The staple of all of our soaps is our goat milk from our own herd of dairy goats that happily roam the wooded acres of our east Texas farm.

We use shea butter in our soap which makes them extra creamy and provides further hydration and anti-inflammation properties. 

Finally, the key ingredient that provides this soap with its delightful texture is its sea salt. Not only does the sea salt provide a beautiful texture but it also gently exfoliates the skin as well as clears pores.

This combination of goat milk, shea butter, and sea salt makes it both an exfoliator as well as a conditioner. It removes grime and dirt while keeping your skin fresh and hydrated.

Exfoliating Salt and Shea Goat Milk Soap

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    goat milk from our herd, saponified oils including organic coconut oil, organic sustainably sourced palm kernel oil, organic castor bean oil, organic shea butter, a lovely blend of essential oils.


    5.5 oz

    (each bar is unique and will vary slightly in size, weight, and color)


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