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Our everything balm. A powerhouse of highly concentrated, highly specialized herbs grown, harvested, and processed by us in a way to maximize potency. The oils of this incredible balm have been purposefully sourced to be of the highest quality and are certified organic and fair trade. This is very important because the oils have the ability to participate in the healing powers when they contain an abundance of nutrients. What's amazing about this balm is some of the herbs are aiding in the restoration of skin from the bottom layers up, some from the top layers down, while others keep things moving and functioning.



With five different herbs and botanicals working in harmony and providing a range of vitamins and nutrients, the power of our restoration salve is broad. We specifically chose plants that aid in our body’s wound healing processes, decrease irritation and inflammation, and decrease the risk of infection. The calendula in this salve facilitates the healing by maintaining a healthy flow of lymphatic fluids which keep infection from spreading. It also has pain relieving properties. It's soothing to itchy skin. Comfrey supports and accelerates the healing process by stimulating cell proliferation and helps repair connective tissue and collage. It is known for leaving injured tissues scarless. Plantain draws out toxins, poisons, and debris. Plantain also has a soothing, cooling effect on the skin. Rosemary is included for its ability to prevent bacterial growth while promoting the wound healing process. Marshmallow helps to lower swelling while killing bacteria. Marshmallow is extremely soothing and is good when used on bites, burns, dry, or irritated skin. The expansive list of oils that make up this carefully crafted formula all work to carry these nutrients deep into your skin and help your body do what it needs to do while also leaving your skin soft and nurtured in the process. One of the oils we use in this salve that we would like to specifically highlight is tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is a pressed fruit oil that soothes the skin while playing an active role in healing it.

Restoration Salve

$28.00 Regular Price
$22.40Sale Price

    organic grape seed oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, Texas beeswax, organic avocado oil, organic tamanu oil, organic jojoba oil,small farmed calendula, wildcrafted plantago, small farmed rosemary, small farmed comfrey, small farmed marshmallow leaf and flower, organic lavender oil.


    Comes in a 2 oz recyclable tin.


    Apply to wounds, irritated, or dry skin. A little goes a long way. Apply as needed. Store out of direct sunlight and heat.


    • Can be an excellent overnight mask on the face, leaving you with very soft, hydrated skin
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