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All About It

While most of our products are good for everyone, especially sensitive skin folks, this product is not. This is because this formula consists of witch hazel. Mind you, the witch hazel has been transformed, taking on the properties of soothing calendula, but in the end it is still witch hazel based. This product works extremely well for some folks, particularly oily folks, which is why it is still a staple in our skincare line. Some report using it daily, others a few times a week. If you are on the dryer side we recommend a hydrosol instead, which not only tones the skin, but balances your skin’s pH.


Science Behind It 

The witch hazel in this formula tones the skin, tightens your pores, reduces redness, and eliminates grease (which is what makes those with oily skin an ideal candidate for this product). The aloe vera helps to soothe and cool the skin which helps with the astringency of the witch hazel. Aloe vera aids in protecting skin and improving skin integrity as well as providing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

Together, the witch hazel and aloe vera work together to create a product that helps tighten the skin, reduce pore size, and balance the oil of greasy skin. This makes this product beneficial for those with acne. 

Calendula Toning Mist


    organic witch hazel, organic aloe vera leaf juice, small farmed calendula, organic spearmint oil.


    Comes in a 4 oz recyclable glass bottle.


    Spray a spritz or two on your face after cleansing. Can be used on top of makeup. Store out of heat and direct sunlight.


    • Can provide soothing poison ivy relief
    • Can be used as a makeup setting spray
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