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A luxurious, highly concentrated facial and multitude of purposes oil crafted with a strong infusion of calendula from our farm and the highest quality oils we could source. Our new formula builds off of our original by adding small family farmed, certified organic jojoba oil and unrefined organic cranberry seed oil.

Use this oil as a concentrated elixir, a hydrating facial serum, or a remedy oil on irritated or damaged skin. Watch it work quickly to soothe and restore sunburned skin. Add a drop or two to your weekly masks or facial polishes. Just remember that a little goes a long way.



From a scientist’s lens, it seems as if calendula was made specifically for feeding, soothing and protecting our skin, especially on our face. Our small farmed calendula contains an impressive amount of incredible components, including, but not limited to, flavonoids, carotenoids, phenols and vitamins A, C, D, and E. These compounds provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and photoprotective properties. It helps to improve your skin’s moisture barrier and bond moisture into the skin, working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. One of our favorite reasons to use calendula in facial oil is its UV protection abilities. Scientific studies have shown that calendula contains SPF activity in levels that can protect our skin from harmful rays. Calendula also has the ability to reduce redness and maintain the natural pigmentation of your skin, reduce inflammation, protect your skin from free radicals and aid your body in healing wounds (which is what makes it so wonderful for acne).

Our blend of oils for this product was carefully chosen to include oils that contain high amounts of vitamins and are hydrating, increase absorption, mimic our natural sebum, and naturally seal moisture into our skin.Jojoba speeds absorption, offers additional antioxidants, mimics our natural sebum, and works to seal moisture into our skin providing long lasting hydration. Cranberry seed oil offers our skin a balanced ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, is rich in vitamins A,C,E, and K that boost collagen production while improving skin elasticity and enhancing cellular function.

When you rub this oil into your skin you are healing past damage, protecting from current threats, and deeply feeding, hydrating and moisturizing your skin. 

Marigold Serum

$52.00 Regular Price
$44.20Sale Price

    organic sweet almond oil, organic jojoba oil, organic cranberry seed oil, quadruple infusion of small farmed calendula.


    Comes in a 1 oz recyclable glass bottle.


    Start with a small amount of oil and add more as your skin needs. Rub oil into your skin. Skin that has been dampened with hydrosol is preferred for maximum absorption.  


    • Can speed the recovery of bruises 

    • This is a potent remedy oil that is wonderful not only as a facial oil, but for sunburns especially if paired with our facial cream

    • Calendula has been found to be soothing to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and this oil, paired with our hydrosol has been used on these conditions

    • Wonderful as a highly luxurious hair oil

    • Amazing as an under eye oil, evening color and softening fine lines

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