Calendula Oil
  • Calendula Oil


    This is the exact same oil we use in our calendula hand and body lotion! A restorative oil that is rich in vitamin c, vitamin e, beta carotine, as well as other nutrients that help protect our skin from damaging UV radiation.   Sweet almond oil is exceptional at making our skin look more youthful, while promoting a natural soft, supple, and healthy glow.  Studies show that it helps to slow the appearance of aging, while also building collagen.  Encourages blemish-free skin. 


    A note on our sweet almond oil: This is not just any sweet almond oil...I have gone out of my way to source only from the best. To me the best means it has been grown, harvested, and processed with integrity and attention to detail so that all of its wonderful properties are intact and available for your skin to benefit! Additionally, it is organically grown and checks out to be both sustainably farmed and fair trade verified. 


    Hypoallergenic and gentle. Safe for babies and sensitive skin. 


    2 oz recyclable glass bottle


    For educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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      farm grown calendula,  sweet almond oil  ~100% organic

    • TO USE:

      AS A TONIC OIL: As desired, mix a drop or two with your daily moisturizer for added moisturization and nutrients. 

      AS A MASK: Mix six drops with a teaspoon of honey, then apply to face in a soft circular motion. Wait 10 minutes before rinsing with a gentle cleanser. This method also works well on scars and stretch marks. 

      ON SKIN IRRITATIONS: Can be applied to rashes, wounds, itchy skin, and chapped skin to soothe and promote faster healing. 

      ON SUNBURNS:  Apply liberally to sun scorched skin and watch it do its magic! 

      UNDER EYES: Before bed, gently massage a drop under the eyes to lighten dark circles. 

      AS A SCRUB:  Mix with a little fine sugar for a gentle facial scrub that will help all skin types, especially acne prone.  Leave on for 3 minutes before gently washing off. Do this once a week for radiant skin! 

      ON NAILS: Apply one drop on thin and brittle nails. Massage into cuticle and work into the skin.

      AS A MASSAGE OIL:  Gently heat a small amount of oil and then massage into tired and tense muscles. 


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