A ridiculously small batch, meticulously crafted, antioxidant rich, non-greasy moisturizer perfect for every season. You are going to love the way this lotion feels! 


My not so secret ingredient that sets this lotion apart is a resin-rich variety of calendula that I grow on my farm. It takes almost a year, from seed to bottle, to create this lotion.


This luxurious lotion has been carefully grown and crafted using techniques that maximize and protect the skin loving properties that each ingredient boasts. Mango butter, sweet almond oil, and calendula easily absorb into the skin and are long lasting moisturizers that have been shown to protect and heal damaged skin. You are going to love the way this lotion feels. 


No plastic packaging here! Your lotion will come in an eight ounce recyclable amber glass jar or pump.


I've tested the shelf life of the lotion up to six months. At that time it was still as good as the day I made it. I do recommend keeping it out of sunlight and extreme temperature changes. 


8 oz recyclable glass jar


Calendula Infused Lotion in 8 oz Glass Pump or Jar - 5 varieties

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