Calendula Infused Lotion in 8 oz Glass Pump or Jar - 5 varieties
  • Calendula Infused Lotion in 8 oz Glass Pump or Jar - 5 varieties


    A ridiculously small batch, meticulously crafted, antioxidant rich, non-greasy moisturizer perfect for every season. You are going to love the way this lotion feels! 


    My not so secret ingredient that sets this lotion apart is a resin-rich variety of calendula that I grow on my farm. It takes almost a year, from seed to bottle, to create this lotion.


    This luxurious lotion has been carefully grown and crafted using techniques that maximize and protect the skin loving properties that each ingredient boasts. Mango butter, sweet almond oil, and calendula easily absorb into the skin and are long lasting moisturizers that have been shown to protect and heal damaged skin. You are going to love the way this lotion feels. 


    No plastic packaging here! Your lotion will come in an eight ounce recyclable amber glass jar or pump.


    I've tested the shelf life of the lotion up to six months. At that time it was still as good as the day I made it. I do recommend keeping it out of sunlight and extreme temperature changes. 


    8 oz recyclable glass jar



      calendula flowers


      distilled water, farm grown calendula extract in cold pressed sweet almond oil, naturally sourced emulsifying wax, probiotic preservative and essential oils specified below


      LAVENDER: Pure Lavender Essential Oil


      ORANGE BLOSSOM: Pure Sweet Orange Essentail Oil, Pure Coriander Essential Oil, Pure Clary Sage Essential Oil


      GINGER AND CORIANDER: Pure Ginger CO2 Oil, Pure Coriander Oil, 


      FRANKINCENSE AND WOOD: Pure Frankincese Oil, Pure Cedarwood Oil, Pure Fir Needle Oil


      BUCK NAKED: Does NOT Contain Essential Oils


      Always consult a medical professional before using products that contain essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.  Do not apply products with essential oils near your eyes. 

    • HOW TO USE

      A small amount goes a long way. Apply as needed. Keep away from eyes. 

      Versatile in every season. 

    • SCENTS

      Lavender: Made with true lavender oil. Soothing, calming and relaxing.


      Orange Blossom: Happiness in a moisturizer. A custom blend of sweet orange, coriander and clary sage essential oils. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT. CONTAINS CORIANDER AND CLARY SAGE OIL. 


      Ginger and Coriander:  Made with refreshing ginger root co2 and uplifting coriander. 


      Frankincense and Wood:  An uplifting, relaxing and calming scent. The perfect moisturizer to incorporate into your nightly wind down routine. 


      Buck Naked: Unscented, 100% fragrance free


      Kristi K

      Orange Blossom Calendula Lotion


      I absolutely love the hand cream and the lip balm! What a wonderful company and amazing products!

      Jennifer L


      I bought the Orange blossom lotion and I absolutely love it! Very creamy and luxurious feel but does not leave your skin greasy. I really love the fragrance as well. Delicate citrus scent! I also appreciate that you can get your jar refilled as I am trying to reduce plastic use.