Calendula + Chamomile Goat Milk Soap
  • Calendula + Chamomile Goat Milk Soap


    A skin soothing botanical bar created with farm grown calendula, chamomile and marshmallow root extracts. These nourishing herbs have been incorporated in three different ways. First, a rich oil infusion is created over the span of eight weeks. Second, a strong tea is made and combined with goat milk. And, finally, a touch of ground herbs are added for a very light exfoliating effect. Pure magic.


    A gentle, fragrance-free face and body bar for all skin types.


    4.5 oz cut weight 

    Each bar is unique and will vary slightly.



      goat milk, calendula, chamomile




      organic extra virgin olive oil, goat milk from my herd, organic virgin coconut oil, calendula and chamomile tea, local grass fed tallow, lye, non gmo avocado oil, organic castor bean oil, calendula, chamomile


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