For this luxurious lotion I took my classic calendula lotion formula and added just the right amount of Native Texas pecan oil to it.  Pecan oil absorbs beautifully into our skin and is rich in nutrients.  Our pecan oil is especially nutrient dense because it comes from Native Trees growing in the Hill country region of Texas.  Scientific studies have shown that wild growing plants naturally contain higher amounts of nutrients than their cultivated counterparts.  Thanks to the Art of Pecan we are able to source this amazing organic oil that most definitely deserves a place in our skincare regime. 


WATERCOLOR ART by the very talented Paige Davidson. 


No plastic packaging here! Your lotion will come in an eight ounce recyclable glass jar or pump.


I've tested the shelf life of my lotion formula up to six months. At that time it was still as good as the day I made it. I do recommend keeping it out of sunlight and extreme temperature changes. 


8 oz recyclable glass pump


Texas Native Hand + Body Lotion

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