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This balm is a powerhouse of potent botanicals and rich, luxurious oils. It soaks into your skin gently and its wonderful nutrients provide deep hydration and beautiful brightening to your skin. 

We are truly obsessed. You will be too. 


Our super green balm contains a high concentration of roots, leaves, flowers, and resin. We actually finalized this product a year and a half ago but we needed the new farm to be able to grow the wide variety of botanicals for it. We love using it under our eyes and as a moisturizer. From our farm we’ve added calendula, chamomile, gotu kola, moringa, marshmallow, comfrey, lemonbalm, plantain, rosemary, elder flower, and yarrow. 

Super Green Balm


    organic sweet almond oil, organic sunflower oil, organic avocado oil, organic tamanu oil, organic rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil, Texas beeswax, small farmed calendula, small farmed chamomile, small farmed gotu kola, small farmed moringa, small farmed marshmallow, small farmed comfrey, small farmed lemonbalm, wildcrafted plantain, small farmed rosemary, small farmed elder flower, wildcrafted yarrow, lavender oil, frankincense oil.


    Comes in a recyclable 1 ounce glass jar.


    A little goes a very long way with this luxurious formula. Combine with hydrosol to speed absorption and carry the nutrients deeper into the skin. We especially love putting this under our eyes for brightening and fine line smoothing. 


    • Amazing and ultra-hydrating as an overnight mask
    • Soothing to acne and other skin irritations 
    • Incredibly hydrating as an under eye balm, hydrating and smoothing fine lines 
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