Goat milk soap is loaded with alpha-hydroxy acids that gives our skin a gorgeous healthy glow.  It contains vitamin A, D, C, B1, B6, B12 and E, all of which science says are able to absorb into our skin. In order to hold on to as many nutrients as possible our soap is carefully crafted with raw milk from our own goats.  


This particular bar is extremely gentle and safe for sensitive skin. Unscented and loaded with rich olive oil from Texas. In fact this bar is a whopping 70% Texan! We absolutely love using this as a gently facial cleansing bar. 


This is a package free soap. 


4.5 oz

(each bar is unique and will vary slightly in size, weight, and color)

Goat Milk Facial + Baby Bar

  • goat milk 

  • saponified oils of organic Texas olive oil, Fruth Farms tallow, organic coconut oil, and organic castor bean oil with goat milk from our herd 70% Texas