Coffee + Cocoa Butter Firming Scrub
  • Coffee + Cocoa Butter Firming Scrub


    Gently exfoliate your body, face, or lips while enjoying the intoxicating smell of freshly roasted coffee. This luxurious scrub has been crafted with marshmallow extract grown on our farm. The marshmallow plant is known for its soothing, softening and moisturizing properties. It contains phenolic acids which are considered to have potent anti-aging properties. Additionally, they even skin tone by reducing the visiblity of age spots. 


    Fair trade certified organic coffee that has been grown by indigenous communities in Mexico and then carefully and purposefully roasted in Texas is used to gently exfoliate and firm the skin when massaged in a circluar manner.  


    This luxurious formula contains the highest quality cold pressed sweet almond oil, apricot seed oil and coconut oil, along with rich mango and cocoa butters. You are going to love the way it hydrates your skin. 


    Scent: coffee and a touch of pure peppermint essential oil 


    8 oz reusable glass jar



      marshmallow leaf and flower


      marshmallow extract, organic sugar, organic coconut oil,  cold pressed sweet almond oil, organic cocoa butter, organic mango butter, organic coffee, organic cold pressed apricot seed oil, vegetable wax, organic peppermint oil

    • HOW TO USE

      Apply desired amount to slightly wet skin and massage into skin in a circular manner. Make sure that water does not enter your jar. Store with the lid on tight. This product comes in a glass jar. Please be careful while handling with wet hands. 




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