Calendula Salve  4oz
  • Calendula Salve 4oz


    Formulated with farm grown calendula, pure organic cold pressed olive oil, and Texas beeswax to nurture, protect, and restore skin.  Perfect for babies and the most sensitive areas of the body. Does not contain any essential oils. A gentle, yet powerful, super concentrated first aid formula that is free of synthetics and is never stored in plastic throughout any part of the process. 


    How it works: Calendula is an antioxidant rich herb that works to soothe, clean, protect and provide the perfect environment and encouragement for the body to heal itself. Use on diaper rash, minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites, and rough, chapped, sun damaged, or dry skin. 


    For educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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      calendula, beeswax


      calendula, dandelion, organic unrefined shea butter, cold pressed sweet almond oil, Texas olive oil, organic cold pressed coconut oil, Texas beeswax

    • TO USE

      Apply as needed. A little goes a long way.  Store out of direct sunlight and heat.


      Jami A


      This product is amazing.  I have suffered for a problem in my left ear for several years now.  I have tried, antibiotic ointment, cortizone ointment, vitamin E oil, olive oil, vasaline....nothing seemed to help.  I decided to try the Calendula Salve  and within 3 days use, my issues were completely resolved and my ear is back to "normal" after years of suffering!  I love this product!