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  • 3 Bars of Organic Goat Milk Soap


    Choose three of my nutrient dense goat milk soaps hand crafted with the finest ingredients.  Each bar has been carefully and purposefully crafted with rich unrefined organic butters and oils. Raw alpha hydroxy rich goat milk from my herd is used in each and every bar. 


    How I formulate recipes:


    Many soap makers use the same base recipe for all of their soaps.  I chose to go another route.  I wanted my customers to be able to choose from a buffet of nutrients. So I hit the books and used science and math data in order to create a variety of bars.  I especially paid attention to the cleansing properties of the ingredients used. Each bar has been formulated to be gentle and moisturizing.  I then sought out the absolute best ingredients like unrefined and organic oils and butters that were fair trade and sustainably sourced when possible. Finally, I chose to use raw goat milk which is rich in anti-aging and moisturizing benefits for our skin. My customers can take pride in the fact that the goats that provide the milk are probably some of the most spoiled creatures that have ever lived on the face of this earth. Each one has a name and a unique personality that I know well.  As a shepherdess I spend each and every day attending to them. I lead them on walks where they are allowed to graze on the open praries that surround our farm.  They are a healthy and happy bunch of goats. 


    For a detailed description of each bar, including the ingredients used, please view the individual listings. 

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    BAR # 3
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