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library of ingredients

Every ingredient has a story and I want to know it. How an ingredient is grown, how it's processed, and how it's stored will greatly affect the final product. What about the hands that grew or produced it? Were they paid a fair, livable wage?  What about animal welfare?  And what about the footprint on the land in which it was grown? I personally want to support and be the farmer that is always trying to make the land better than I found it. 

When formulating a product I start with what I can produce on my farm, then I source from other local farms and businesses, first locally, and then in Texas. When it comes to ingredients that are not produced in Texas I seek out certified organic that is fair trade verified and from farms that are passionate about being sustainable. 

With the greatest love we grow 100% of the botanicals used in our line on our herb and goat farm. Also, all of our soaps are made with goat milk from our farm and are never diluted with water. Animal welfare is a very big deal to us. Most of our day is spent caring for our animals. Additionally, we use tallow in some of our soaps. This tallow comes from a female farmer I personally know and who is equally passionate about being a good steward of all animals under her care. 

Enjoy this visual library of ingredients we use in our nutrient-dense, farm-grown skincare line.    Sending you my very best, Mindy

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