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Mindy and Hailey Myers, the mother-daughter duo behind the bohemian shepherdess.

A note from Mindy - founder, herbalist, farmer, artisan


Being a farmer is an integral piece of who I am. It has been a part of my life since I was a child and I always knew that it would play a major role within my life. When I decided to start the bohemian shepherdess in 2015, I was already an experienced farmer and I had decided that I wanted to do something more with the produce I was able to grow. Around the same time I started seeing many skincare companies claiming to be “plant powered” and as a farmer who understood what went into powerful plants, I got very excited about this concept but I questioned the potency and quality of mass produced “plant powered” skincare products that were not derived from a farm the company had a direct hand in. This created a strong desire in me to integrate my own farming into the skincare industry. Having already been studying herbalism and formula concoction, I started experimenting with my backyard botanicals, crafting skincare formulas with my nutrient dense ingredients at their center. I took the botanicals in my garden and I studied them, both through research done on them as well as simply being attentive to them as they grew. I began to understand their attributes and I let this lead my formulations, truly allowing the plants to be the center of my products. When I compared what I had carefully created to the “plant powered” skincare I had been seeing, the difference was astounding! Just like I thought, plant based skincare was so much more effective, luxurious, and beautiful when it was microcrafted with herbs and botanicals that were nutrient focused and painstakingly obsessed over. And thus the bohemian shepherdess was born - and I have not stopped growing and experimenting since!

Throughout my childhood and into my teenagehood I watched and helped my parents start our own garden, get our first herd of goats and start our own business. When my parents wanted to do something, no matter how difficult or long the process, they did it. I got to be a part of this growing and learning along with them. I believe it was through this that I became interested in science and research. There was so much to discover in the world and I truly believe that if you want to accomplish something and you worked hard at it, you can do it. This is what gave me the courage to study biochemistry and to pursue it at the tenth best public university in the country, The University of Texas at Austin. Hook em’ horns! 

While I loved being a part of the family business from such a young age, I never thought I would be coming on as co-owner. I went to college on the premed track with the desire to help underprivileged people receive medical care. During COVID-19, I spent lockdown on my parent’s farm, helping them with the business and working the land. It sparked the flame in me again for business and I loved being able to use my newfound research skills on formulation and agricultural science. I also realized how much I loved improving people’s health through aiding in the health of their skin. 

However, it took me until 2022 to realize that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I have been working behind the scenes, perfecting formulas and updating the science behind our line and I am excited to now be a co-owner of the bohemian shepherdess!

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